Metal Slug is an online shooting game that
reminds me of the original Shank video game on PC and Consoles. I have loved
playing all sorts of video games for as long as I can remember. Whenever I have
a few minutes to kill, especially waiting periods, I always want to play a
video game. Thankfully, when I am not at home and I cannot use my Play Station
console, I can sign on to websites who have unblocked games for free. Metal
Slug is a perfect online shooting game for killing time; I also use the game to
calm my nerves when I am anxious.

Unbolcked Games

The game is a two dimensional online
shooting game, there are two options bandits that can be used; Leo and Erica.
The aim is to liberate hostages captured by army forces while shooting their
way to freedom. The player has an array of weapons to choose from including
grenades and rifles to blow apart the forces of the enemy. Some of the rescued
hostages, most of which are bearded men in white robes, offer helpful tips.
There are a lot of helpful packages hidden in secret locations that the player
must explore. The game is timed so each mission must be completed within some
seconds or there would be no scores for that mission. Points are awarded
according to soldiers killed and the player can only be killed three times
before it is game over.

The game can be played without creating an
online account on the website which is not the case for other unblocked games.
To post scores on the Leader Board, an account is needed and the high scores
can be compared with other players across the world. The game requires the java
plugin, flash plugin or shockwave plugin before it can be played. Very little
internet data is consumed to play the game and the game runs irrespective of
network discrepancies. The primary language of the plot is in Chinese; this
makes it difficult to enjoy if there is limited knowledge of the language.
Keyboard controls are easily grasped as they are similar to the controls of
other flash games


Flash Game Review UG; Metal Slug
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Flash Game Review UG; Metal Slug
Metal Slug is an online shooting game that reminds me of the original Shank video game on PC and Consoles.
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Flash Games Online
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